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21 May


Father’s Day Drawing Competition … for the Kids!

My Dad

With Father’s Day coming up on Sunday 15th June, we at the Hinds Head, Bray thought it would be a good time to hold a competition.

What we came up with is something that should make every Dad proud. We are looking for the best portraits drawn by children and ‘big kids’ of their own fathers (I’m smiling just writing this).

There will be 3 categories to ensure children of all ages can participate!

Category 1:  4 – 10 year olds
The winner of category 1 will have their picture featured on the front of our children’s menu for the rest of June and July, with their Dad receiving a 3 course meal for 2, excluding beverages and service charge.

Category 2:  11 – 18 year olds
The winner of category 2 will receive a personalised Heston Blumenthal at Home cookbook along with a 3 course meal for 2, excluding beverages and service charge for their Dad.
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20 May


Free Range Chicken Thighs – A Great Addition To The Hinds Head Menu

chicken-thighsWe cannot remember when a new main course has proved to be so popular as the Free Range Chicken Thighs with Char Grilled Lettuce, Peas and Bacon.

The cooking process for this dish is an example of how you need to be both patient and careful when preparing such a tender dish.

Initially the free range chicken is immersed in head chef’s Kevin Love’s own brine recipe to help to keep it moist. It is then vacuum packed to remove all the air and to retain the freshness of the meat.

When required the thighs are subjected to the slow cooking technique where it takes exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes at a maximum temperature of 62 degrees to stop it contracting and to keep in the moisture.

The skin of the chicken is then crisped in a pan between 56 – 58 degrees surface temperature and then it is ready to serve.

The free range corn fed chicken thighs are served with char grilled gem lettuce, peas, smoked Alsace bacon and radicchio. To compliment the dish we serve it with a rich chicken sauce on the side.

Hopefully you will get the chance to experience the subtle cooking techniques used in this dish the next time you visit.

18 May


SMC visits The Hinds Head, Bray

Thanks to SMC for uploading this wonderful photo of the Smoked Cornish Mackerel Salad  to their Twitter account @wasaiaiyolaa following their visit to The Hinds Head, Bray in May.

We are absolutely delighted that you enjoyed it and thank you for sharing with us all.
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16 May


Staff Changes at The Hinds Head, Bray

winner__blog_post_largeWe are delighted to welcome Elisa Blanc back from a nice holiday in Sri-Lanka. Elisa prior to her holiday was a casual member of staff but has returned as a full time waitress. Her enthusiasm, calmness under pressure and hospitality are just a few of her many attributes and we are grateful to have her on the team.

Congratulations are due to Amber Neale who has been promoted from Commis waiter to a Waiter. Amber who has been with us for 6 months has shown great spirit and a great attitude towards her work and is deservedly in this new position. We wish her the best of luck.
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14 May


Warm Chocolate Pudding with Orange Marmalade Ice Cream

warm-chocolate-pudding-smallSometimes the best things in life are worth waiting for. After all, excellence cannot be rushed.

So waiting 15 minutes from time of order for delivery of your warm chocolate pudding with orange marmalade ice cream will, I can assure you, be well worth the wait.

Technically you will receive a warm chocolate sponge pudding with a melting chocolate centre that is served with Grand Marnier and orange marmalade ice cream and garnished with white chocolate soil and orange puree.

Emotionally you will receive a little piece of food heaven.

Not too heavy, not too light this is a perfect accompaniment to finish off any meal and it’s great to see it back on the menu.

10 May


Robbie & Rhona McGuinness Visits The Hinds Head, Bray

Robbie McGuinness – Area Head Chef of Bar Soba Kitchen (@BarSobaKitchen) – visited The Hinds Head, Bray with his wife Rhona (@rmacle26) on 10th May 2014 and uploaded a number of images and descriptions of the food and cocktails they had to his Twitter account @chefski27

We have replicated them here and would like to thank Robbie not only for the images but also for his comprehensive review on Yelp.

I assure you – it is well worth a read!

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07 May


Cherry Bakewell – The Return of a Popular Favourite

cherry-bakewell-resizedCherry Bakewell Tart with Yoghurt Ice cream is a popular favourite with customers and staff alike.

Made from Amarena puree and whole Griottine cherries, it is baked in frangipane and served in a sweet pastry case.

As a perfect accompaniment it is served with homemade yoghurt ice cream.

This seasonal delight can be found on the main A La Carte menu.

02 May


Emily Sherlock – Resolution #1 Completed!

Emily Sherlock (Twitter account @EmKonstantine) turns 30 in November. She is a first time mother too to baby Autumn and has set herself the task of completing 30 resolutions she would like to achieve by the time of her birthday.

Her #1 resolution was to eat at The Hinds Head, Bray which I am pleased to say she – and Autumn – managed in early May.

Emily’s quest is being documented in her blog which is a fascinating read. Her visit to see us can be found here.

Thank you for sharing Emily and the best of luck in your ongoing resolutions!
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02 May


Milk Punches – A Great Theme Night For Our Cocktail Club

david-white-russian30th April 2014 saw our second Monkey Spoon Cocktail Club got off to a flying start. The theme was Milk Punches, we admit there were some with doubts, that some wouldn’t really enjoy the “creamy” based cocktails, or so we and they thought! David Ashton-Hyde, the Beverage Manager soon changed their minds.

Guests were greeted with a Piña Colada at the bar. Consisting of Banks white rum, Koko Kanu coconut rum, freshly made pineapple juice and coconut cream, it was divine – not too creamy, light and refreshing, they got us all dreaming of a hammock on a Caribbean beach.

However, this was The Hinds Head, where was the twist!? a good cocktail is standard practice….. then the guys arrived from The Fat Duck, with smoking canisters of liquid nitrogen and proceeded to poach Pina Colada Nitro Balls. Made to order we all stepped up and enjoyed the sensation of the ultra cold moose evaporate in the mouth to leave Cococabana beach dancing on your tongue.
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18 Apr


Claire & Scott Pearce visit The Hinds Head, Bray

If you are going to celebrate something special I can think of a lot worse places to go than Bray.

This is exactly what Scott and Claire did during Easter weekend when they were celebrating Claire’s birthday.

As a  self confessed amateur photographer and technology fan as you would expect some of Scott’s photos recording the weekend are stunning and we are so pleased that a number of the photos depict their visit to The Hinds Head, Bray.

A full pictorial record of the full weekend can be found on his iCloud Photostream

Many thanks to Scott (@scottpearce) for uploading these photos and sharing them with us all.
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