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04 May


Saddle of Lamb

A delicious new addition to our menu is Saddle of Lamb with Scotch Broth & Saffron Braised Vegetables.

A premium cut, the saddle is from the loin area in the lumbar region and is made up of the loin either side of the animal.

The Saddle of Lamb with Scotch Broth & Saffron Braised Vegetables on our A la Carte menu is our take on a traditional Scottish soup.

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Saddle of braised lamb HH

22 Apr


The return of Hash of Snails

One of our classic signature starter dishes is making a short return to the A La Carte menu – Hash of Snails is available for the next few weeks, so if it’s a dish you loved before, or you’ve yet to try it, then make sure you order it as soon as possible..

Our hash of snails starter is based on an 1884 recipe which called for the snails to be boiled with capers, pistachios, eggs and herbs over a fire and then served with toasted French bread.

Hash of Snails has been bought up to date for it to qualify as a signature dish on our A la Carte menu.

For our modern day recipe the snails are cooked in garlic butter and finished with fennel and parsley cress. A slice of chargrilled bread is then topped with the cooked snails, pistachio paste, pickled walnuts, pickled baby onions and capers.

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hash of snails

06 Apr


The Hinds Head’s twist on a classic dish

Ogleshield Cheese and Brown Bread Custard with Cevennes Onion and Marmite EmulsionBrown Bread and Cheese Royale with Cevennes Onion and Marmite Emulsion

Putting our twist on a British classic, ‘Cheese on Toast’. We have developed our latest addition to The Hinds Head menu using Ogleshield Cheese, Brown Bread Custard and finished with Marmite Emulsion giving a true vegetarian indulgence.

06 Apr


An extra-terrestrial taste sensation

Truffle Beef Stew is a very special dish that we started serving at The Hinds Head at the weekend, but you won’t find it on our menu and you can’t order it unless you’ve received a special code. All very cloak and dagger, or rather, spacesuit and helmet..

Truffle Beef Stew


We recently ran a competition with Channel 4 when the channel showed ‘Heston’s Dinner In Space’, a documentary programme following Heston Blumenthal’s creation and development of delicious, nostalgic food for astronaut Tim Peake to enjoy eating in space.

Of the many thousands of viewers that entered the competition to taste The Hinds Head’s earth version of the Truffle Beef Stew dish, 1,500 were lucky enough to have received the special code that enables them to unlock this hidden menu and book a table for up to 3 guests to join them at this very special meal.

* If you are one of the lucky competition entrants to have received a voucher code and have not yet contacted our Reservations team about booking a table, please don’t delay as this dish is only available for a limited time. *

The Truffle Beef Stew is a slow cooked blade of beef, with black truffle, beef tendon, oyster leaves and pickled mushrooms.

The Channel 4 documentary Heston’s Dinner in Space is still available to view on All4, the network’s on demand service.

More about the dish: Heston’s Truffle Beef Stew was developed for Tim Peake as part of his ‘bonus food’ during his six-month mission aboard the International Space Station. The team in The Fat Duck Experimental Kitchen in Bray developed the dish. During Tim Peake’s time on the International Space Station, this particular dish was to prompt his nostalgic feelings of dining luxuriously in a restaurant setting with his wife.

31 Mar


A Trifle Out Of The Ordinary

Hinds Head Trifle

Inspired by Heston’s trifle from the ‘In Search of Perfection’ series, our Rhubarb Trifle includes sponge fingers soaked in green tea, with a layer of rhubarb puree, poached rhubarb, rhubarb jelly, caraway biscuit, saffron custard and cider syllabub.

Sprinkled with hazelnut praline, lime zest and green tea, it’s a real treat for the eyes, as well as the taste buds.

To try our Rhubarb Trifle, call our reservations team on 01628 626151 to book your table.

24 Mar


Tea Infusions at Monkey Spoon Cocktail Club

Tea Infustion Cocktail


The first of this year’s Monkey Spoon Cocktail Clubs was a great success. Our Bar Manager Ryan showcased three different cocktails made using Jing tea infusions. An eager audience sniffed, swirled, tasted and chatted enthusiastically while the clouds of tea-infused dry ice billowed from a big teapot (above). With names like Smoked Berries and Wildside, these cocktails were sure bets to be crowd-pleasers.

You won’t want to miss this month’s Monkey Spoon Cocktail Club as it’s going to be a Beer Cocktails theme, using the finest hops and malts to create one-off bespoke drinks, We like to use local products where possible and so Marlow’s Rebellion Brewery will feature among the mainly ale and white beers we’ll be using.

If you’d like to experience the next cocktail club first hand, just call our Reservations team on 01628 62 61 51 to book your place for the 25th on this month.


Tea Infusion Cocktails at The Hinds Head Monkey Spoon Cocktail Club

14 Mar


A taste of space at The Hinds Head 

On March 20th at 6pm Channel 4 will broadcast Heston’s Dinner in Space, a fascinating documentary with British astronaut Tim Peake and The Hinds Head and Channel 4 have teamed up to offer a very special competition prize – the chance to taste space food for yourself – details below..

Heston Blumenthal

The programme will celebrate the detail in Heston’s two year research to develop dishes that passed the rigorous controls imposed by the UK and European Space Agencies, as well as NASA. He needed to also create food that Tim could easily take with him and most importantly, remind him of home during his 6 month mission orbiting the earth in the International Space Station.


Back in Bray, the team at The Hinds Head is delighted to announce its own part in this unique event.


From the 10th until the 29th March at 23.59, Channel 4 is running a competition for a lucky winner and three friends to win a four course dinner with matching wines at the Michelin starred The Hinds Head, combined with an overnight stay in the village in a boutique 2 bedroomed cottage run by Bray Cottages.


In addition the first 1,500 entrants will also get the chance to book an exclusive set menu at The Hinds Head that includes an ‘earth’ version of the Truffled Beef Stew space dish, created by Heston for Tim.

To be in with the chance to win, please click HERE.


04 Mar


The famous Triple Cooked Chips

Have you tried our famous Triple Cooked Chips at The Hinds Head?

Made using Maris Piper potatoes and although replicated in restaurants around the world, it was Heston Blumenthal who put in the research and development involved in searching for the perfect chip and the result is something that draws people from all over to come to The Hinds Head and taste for themselves.

These chips are one of my proudest legacies. You see them on menus up and down the country now but the original recipe came out of endless experimenting at home long before I even opened a restaurant.

The first secret is cooking the chips until they are almost falling apart as the cracks are what makes them so crispy.

The second secret is allowing the chips to steam dry then sit in the freezer for an hour to get rid of as much moisture as possible.

The final secret is to cook the chips in very hot oil for a crispy, glass-like crust.”

Heston Blumenthal

Our menu:


Watch Heston discuss and then cook the Triple Cooked Chips with Michael Parkinson.

19 Feb


Tontine Stout. Unconventionally Dark.

Our new stout on tap at The Hinds Head has a particularly interesting brand with a fascinatingly dark and murderous history behind it.

Based in Hartlepool in Co Durham, Tontine is a brand that wants to challenge any preconceptions about stout and revitalise the market for this kind of drink.

Tontine at The Hinds Head BrayBut what is a Tontine? It was an interesting, though potentially deadly, fundraising device. A group of investors would pay into a central pot, perhaps for a major building or transport project and then receive annual dividends until they die.

As the investors died and numbers diminished, the value of the investment was spread more generously among the surviving members.

The last man standing got the lot – and the suspicion that such an arrangement might bring the temptation for the murder of rival investors eventually led to Tontines being outlawed in most countries. They’d been used by the governments of Britain, France and the Netherlands as a way to raise funds but Tontines have been illegal in Britain since Georgian times.

This brand is unconventional in its approach to everything and after hearing what its advertising will be (people moonbathing instead of sunbathing, building coalmen instead of snowmen…) we’re looking forward to its ‘unconventionally dark’ presence on our bar.

No-one will be attempting a mafia-style hit on you for trying a glass of Tontine here in The Hinds Head though, so do consider trying it when you next visit us – and let us know what you think.

18 Feb


From Belfast to Bray – our new craft lager

Welcoming Yardsman, our new craft-brewed lager on tap at The Hinds Head

We love to know more about our own history here at The Hinds Head and so we’re naturally fascinated by the history of any drinks we choose to bring to our bar. Here’s a little historical context…

Yardsman Lager Joins Our Bar

(Pictured above – The team behind Yardsman came from Belfast to Bray to chat to our bar staff about their craft-brewed lager)

Believed to be one of the earliest breweries in Belfast, if not the first, The Hercules Brewing Company existed back in the 1800s, when there were 13 breweries in Belfast. This was a time when Belfast was the biggest exporting port on the island and indeed the second biggest in the British Isles. This was primarily down to the indigenous industries of Linen Making, Rope Making, Ship Building, Distilling and Brewing. However, the onset of the industrial revolution meant that the Guinness Family was able to invest ahead of the curve and as a result the powerhouse of brewing became centred in Dublin and the 13 breweries in Belfast disappeared.

A recent decision was made to resurrect this Brewing Company and with it, some of the old traditions of brewing to create a small batch brew lager called Yardsman.

Paying homage to their forefathers who crafted with their hands, it’s uniquely filtered through Irish linen and matured for 6 weeks to allow the beer to develop its smooth and full bodied character and each batch is limited to just 10 barrels.

We hope you’ll enjoy a taste of it when you next join us here at The Hinds Head – we’re the only place in Great Britain where you can find this craft-brewed lager but not the only UK Michelin-starred establishment as both of the only Michelin-starred restaurants in Belfast also have Yardsman available there.

Visit the Yardsman Lager website