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22 Jun


Hinds Head Bray Triple Cooked Chips Have Left The Building (Until September Anyway)

UPDATE 29th August 2014

Great news – ahead of expectations Triple Cooked Chips are back on the menu! Please be mindful of public safety and form an orderly queue. There are plenty for everyone!

Original Article:

Unfortunately we have come to that time of the year again.

Due to the high sugar content in the potatoes we use to make our triple cooked chips it is now time to remove them from the menu as the quality can no longer be guaranteed.

This is always a sad time of the year for us but we hope to see them back in early September and will keep you updated when we have some positive news.

Triple Cooked Chips - Smaller

21 Jun


The Creative Process – Adding a New Dish to the Menu at The Hinds Head, Bray

I am always looking to introduce new dishes and add to the diversity of the menu at The Hinds Head. Creativity is one of the things that I enjoy most about being a chef.  What you may not be aware of is how long it can take from initially having the original idea to the final dish actually being added to the menu.Kevin Love at Pass - Smaller

There are no short-cuts in creating new dishes and the process can take months and, in some cases, even years.

One of the first things to consider is the time of year and what produce is available. By talking to my main produce suppliers, we can establish what is in season and how long it will be available.

Next is to ensure they can deliver the volume we need of a particular ingredient and that the quality is consistent at this volume for the entire time we will be using it.  From this, I will have a starting point to develop ideas for new dishes.
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18 Jun


Winners Announced – Father’s Day Drawing Competition

We had a wonderful response to our Father’s day drawing competition and would like to thank all of the children who took the time to draw and then send us a picture of their Dad. We do hope you enjoyed doing them just as much as we have enjoyed looking at them.

Head Chef Kevin Love had an impossible task of selecting category winners but in the end, after a lot of deliberation and consultation, he decided that the following were the overall best:

Category 1:  4 – 10 year olds

Winner:  Emma Chebaklo age 8

12 Emma Chebaklo age 8

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13 Jun


There Is Some Wild Weather Behind The Bar

Wild Weather at The Hinds Head Bray We are extremely proud that at The Hinds Head, Bray we support smaller British, and wherever possible, local brewers by stocking high quality beers to feature on our pumps and by the bottle. Silchester brewer Wild Weather Ales is one such brewer and we absolutely love their 5.6% ABV offering Shepherds Warning. This is a pale IPA where the flavour begins soft and smooth building to a wonderful big hit of hoppy grapefruit, peach and mango. It is currently available on tap now and is a very unusual but highly recommended beer but please remember strength – it has quite a kick!

07 Jun


Great photos from Enrica Yoon

Enrica Yoon visited The Hinds Head, Bray to help celebrate her mothers birthday on 7th June.

We are so pleased that she did as she took some great photos which she then uploaded to her Twitter account @Spyoony.

Thank you so much for choosing to visit us and we hope your mother had a most enjoyable day.
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07 Jun


Hiver Beer – Beer of the Month at The Hinds Head, Bray

We love craft beers. That’s why we love Hiver Beer.Hiver Beer Bottle

Hiver is a craft blonde beer that has been created and inspired by the bees and beekeepers of urban London and rural England. Using urban and

rural honey, the makers have
created an all-British speciality beer that’s long matured and unpasteurised.

To give it the full honey experience they use an organic speciality malt to tone down the hops and support the natural honey flavours.

The result is spectacular which is why we have made it our beer of the month for June.

Do come and try it – you won’t be disappointed.


01 Jun


Chris Pople and his corner chewed history of the Quaking Pudding!

Chris Pople (@chrispople) and his friends visited the Hinds Head, Bray on 1st June 2014.

During his visit he tweeted and shared some images talking about the food and the cocktails they were trying whilst here. We must have made an impression on Chris however as he then produced what can only be described as an extremely comprehensive blog about his visit which was fascinating to read.

We have replicated his photos in this gallery but do please find 5 minutes to read through his thoughts here: Cheese and Biscuits

By doing so we now understand why we ended up with a corner chewed history of the Quaking Pudding!


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28 May


New Dishes Added To The Hinds Head, Bray Menus

chicken-thighsAs new produce becomes available with the changing seasons here at the Hinds Head, Bray we like to keep our menus fresh and updated regularly.

There are some classic dishes which will always be on the menu but the remainder do change as the opportunity arises.

In the last few weeks we have been able to add a new main course, Free Range Chicken Thighs with Char Grilled Lettuce, Peas and Bacon which has proved to be extremely popular.

Three new desserts have also made their way onto the menus.
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26 May


Peach Melba – A Fabulous Twist on a Real Favourite

peach-melbaIn 1892 or 1893 famous French chef Auguste Escoffier, working at the Savoy Hotel, invented the original peach melba dish to honour the Australian soprano [Dame] Nellie Melba.

Originally displayed in an ice sculpture of a swan it contained peaches resting on a bed of vanilla ice cream topped with spur sugar.

When Excoffier took over at The Carlton in 1900 he created a new version of his famous creation by eliminating the swan and topping the peaches with raspberry purée.

Over 114 years later, head chef has created his twist on the dish by using white peaches, raspberries, blow torched Italian meringue, green tea meringues, peach sorbet, flaked almonds and crystallised basil.

The dish is exceptional in every way and a real explosion of different taste experiences. We really do think that Escoffier would approve.

24 May


Latest Photos from Peter Grimes

On a gastronomic weekend in May Peter Grimes joined us in Bray on the Saturday before visiting the Hand and Flowers on the Sunday. Now that is a special weekend!

Following his visit Peter was kind enough to upload a number of images to his Twitter account @grimesyNG7 which we are delighted to be allowed to reproduce here.

Thank you very much and we look forward to welcoming you back next time you are in the area.
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