20 years for Heston at the Hinds Head – an ‘Eggceptional Celebration’

Summer 2024

20 years for Heston at the Hinds Head – an ‘Eggceptional Celebration’

Heston Blumenthal’s Michelin star, Hinds Head Pub will celebrate 20 years under his proprietorship on 18th October 2024. To mark the occasion a uniquely crafted ‘Golden Egg’ will provide 3 lucky winners with Golden Tickets to a very special Heston Feast in honour of the occasion, and others some valuable Hinds Head prizes.

This magnificent opportunity is directed at guests who order the renowned Hinds Head Scotch Egg giving them the chance to find one of ten ‘Golden Eggs’ randomly planted in the celebrated snacks throughout the coming months.

The concept ‘hatched’ by Heston, and led by Hinds Head Executive Chef Peter Gray and Head Chef Edoardo Brambilla, has challenged in its development to meet their ‘eggacting’ needs to deliver a runny, truly ‘golden’ yolk in the centre of 10 carefully created Scotch Egg’s. the eggs will be randomly planted throughout August and September.

The 10 Golden eggs found by customers will be recorded and the prizes along with three pairs of ‘Golden Tickets’ will be delivered to the lucky recipients by way of their invite to a ‘Fantastic Feast’ celebrating the 20th Anniversary in October.

Further tickets to the 20th ‘Anniversary Feast’ will be made available for guests to book on a first come first served basis. Sign up to our monthly newsletter the Hinds Head Herald or review our website for information when released.

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