Our Story
Our Story

The word Bray means 'marsh' and the village sits on one of the many weaving bends of the River Thames and dates back before the Doomsday Book of 1067.
The village has come a long way since its soggy beginnings and the area gained notoriaty in the 18th century thanks to a popular satircial song describing the ever changing principals of the town's Vicar.
The song refers to 'pudding time' a time when things are going your way and the eating is good. That’s certainly true in The Hind's Head and the highly skilled team are dedicated to ensuring its always pudding time for anyone who chooses to visit.
The Hinds Head sign shows a female deer circled by a royal garter and our location, just down the road from Windsor Castle, has ensured many a regal visit over the years including one by Her Majesty, The Queen.

Ignite your imagination

We match our menu of characterful classics with a rich and diverse range of beverages and snacks. So if your apetite is light then join us to enjoy our mouthwatering and quite unique, Quavers, runny yolk Scotch Egg or Devils on Horseback served with our house blended, Piper Heisdeck Champgane.