Hinds Head goes Snacktastic


Hinds Head goes Snacktastic

Our bar is pushing the vintage vibe, with some sinful treats to entice those tastebuds, all with a typical Hinds Head, Heston twist.
The chefs have been busy testing (and tasting) these delightful home made snacks over the past months, and we all think the results really are jolly good.
Visit the Hinds Head bar and find traditional favourites, all created in house and proudly promoted through our own creative packaging.
The inspiration might come from a coke and crisps given by parents as a child, but this trip down memory lane comes with true Heston curiosity, the first five snacks to hit the bar include; ‘Quails Egg’ – pickled in apple cider vinegar and tarragon, served with a curry mayo and crispy chicken crumb.

Packs of Smokey Quavers, (we are sure you will remember Frazzles), have been designed get your tongue tickling under the incredible flavour and texture and provide the perfect snack for vegans, along with the roasted in house ‘Salt&Long Pepper Peanuts’.
If you love a crunch ‘Cracked Crackling’ dusted with smoked paprika, salt and sushi noko will be a favourite and for those looking for powerful flavour then ‘Pickled Baby Onions’ in our own Reading sauce, should pack a punch. Pull up a seat, get the games out with family and friends and enjoy some good old fashioned fun at the Hinds Head. (and please tell us what you think).

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