The restaurant

We offer both comfort and character in the dining room. So sit amongst our exposed beams by the bar or on in one of our banquettes in the West Room and let us feed your imagination. Enjoy our Michelin starred food in an informal and welcoming atmosphere. Heston always wanted his pub to be a celebration of great British gastronomy so alongside historically inspired dishes like Chocolate Wine Slush and quaking pudding we serve our imaginative takes on the classics like Pea & Ham soup, Earl Grey Tea Smoked Salmon and, of course, Heston's own Triple Cooked Chips. We have a wine and cocktail list prepared with the same attention to detail as the food and also serve draught beers from our neighbouring brewery Windsor & Eton.


The Vicar’s Room

The Vicar’s Room captures the character of its historical setting, making it a truly atmospheric place for a business or private event without parallel. A dining table hewn from a single trunk of oak sits within the room amid wood-beamed walls, illuminated by a pair of parlour chandeliers depicting the likeness of Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth. It pays homage to Simon Aleyn, the infamous Vicar of Bray during a time that the country was in the throes of shifting between the Catholic and Christian religion. He was renowned for having ever-changeable religious beliefs – always dependant on the reigning monarch at the time - to quench his insatiable desire to retain the Vicar of Bray title.



A step into the Bar at the Hinds Head finds you steeped in the character and tradition of this beautiful building. A heavily beamed ceiling (the dragon beam, providing a central focus) and wood panelled bar provide an intimate but welcoming area to relax. High level tables to the front create a traditional drinking area for people to meet for a quick drink before retiring if they wish to the more comfortable and quieter seating area towards the back, where leather banquettes can be found. Take an aperitif before sitting down to dine - a wide range of drinks are always on offer with quality on tap beers from local breweries. If you are not dining in the restaurant, a full menu of snacks are also available to complement what you are drinking. These include our classics - Fish & Chips or Scotch Egg.

fear knocked at
the door faith
answered there
was no one there

Amid the exposed beams and wood-panelled walls of this lovingly restored 15th-century building, we serve spectacular food showcasing the skill, precision, flavour and originality you’d expect from Heston Blumenthal and his team of accomplished chefs.

Changing seasonally, our curated menus celebrate the best of traditional British cooking and reflect our chefs’ ongoing creative re-imagining of classic dishes.

We can cater for most diets and our team will check your requirements before your arrival.

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